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03 External Commands

bootcfg ( XP only )
This utility allows you to set up your boot options, such as
your default OS and other loading options.

cacls </os/Windows/commands/cacls.php> ( XP, 2000, & NT4.0 )
Changes the ACLs ( security Settings ) of files and folders.
Very similar to chmod in Linux. comp ( XP & 2000 )
This utility is very similar to diff in Linux.
Use the /? switch to get examples of command usage.

Contig </os/Windows/commands/defrag.php> ( NT4.0 and newer )
A great defrag utility for NTFS partitions.

defrag </os/Windows/commands/defrag.php> ( XP only - NT4.0 and Win2k use contig )
Yes, XP comes with a command line disk defrag utility. if you are running Win2k
or NT4.0 there is still hope. Contig is a free defrag program that I describe on the defrag page.

diskpart ( XP only )
Use this command to manage your disk partitions. This is the
text version for the GUI Disk Manager.

driverquery ( XP only )
Produces a list of drivers, their properties, and their versions.
Great for computer documentation.

fsutil ( XP only )
This is a utility with a lot of capability. Come back soon for great examples.

getmac ( XP & 2000 )
This command gets the Media Access Control ( MAC ) address of your network cards.

gpresult ( XP & 2000 )
This generates a summary of the user settings and computer group policy settings.

ipconfig </os/Windows/commands/ipconfig.php> ( XP, 2000 & NT4.0 )
This handy tool displays IP settings of the current computer and much more.

netsh ( XP & 2000 )
A network configuration tool console.
At the 'netsh>' prompt, use the '?' to list the available commands and
type "exit" to get back to a command prompt.

openfiles ( XP Only )
Allows an administrator to display or disconnect open files in XP professional.
Type "openfiles /?" for a list of possible parameters.

Pathping ( XP & 2000 )
A cross between the ping and traceroute utilities. Who needs Neotrace
when you can use this? Type "pathping <ip address>" and watch it go.

recover ( XP & 2000 )
This command can recover readable information from a damaged disk and is very easy to use.

reg ( XP & 2000 )
A console registry tool, great for scripting Registry edits.

schtasks ( XP only )
A newer version of the AT command. This allows an administrator to
schedule and manage scheduled tasks on a local and remote machines.

secedit ( XP & 2000 )
Use this utility to manually apply computer and user policy from your
windows 2000 ( or newer ) domain. Example to update the machine policy:
secedit /refreshpolicy machine_policy /enforce
To view help on this, just type secedit.

sfc </os/Windows/commands/sfc.php> ( XP & 2000 )
The system file checker scans important system files and replaces the
ones you ( or your applications ) hacked beyond
repair with the real, official Microsoft versions.

shutdown ( XP & 2000 )
With this tool, You can shut down or restart your own computer, or an
administrator can shut down or restart a remote computer.

systeminfo ( XP only )
Basic system configuration information, such as the system type, the
processor type, time zone, virtual memory settings, system uptime, and much more.
This program is great for creating an inventory of computers on your network.

tasklist ( XP only )
Tasklist is the command console equivalent to the task manager in windows.

taskkill ( XP only )
Taskkill contains the rest of the task manager functionality. It allows
you to kill those unneeded or locked up applications.