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04 Syntax

..Basically, HTML code is displayed start to end in the browser
viewing window, wrapping to fit the horizontal width of the viewing
window.  Line breaks are ignored.  Contiguous spaces are ignored
(actually, treated as a single space).

To create line breaks the < br > tag is used.  To create paragraph
divisions the < p > tag is used.  

HTML will display in the same case that it was typed.  

In the case where attribute values of tag are entered, HTML is
case-insensitive, with some specific exceptions:
- text within quotes may be used by the browser in the case it is typed
- case sensitivity of embedded scripts are handled by the script compiler/interpreter
- file names and URLs are almost always case-sensitive

HTML can also be broken into sections with the < div > </ div > tags.  The < div >
tag supports align and nowrap attributes which allow you to apply formatting
to entire sections of a document:

< div align =left >
... content
</ div >


< div nowra p >
... content
</ div >

HTML tags may recognize several attributes.  The order attributes are placed in
a tag is not important.   Spacing between an attribute, the = sign, and the value is
not important.  width=5 and  width = 5 are both the same.

If an attribute is a single word or number (no spaces) you can add it after the equal
sign with no quotations.  All other values should be enclosed in quotes.  HTML
accepts either single or double quotes.  Values cannot be more than 1024 characters.