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03 IDE

..JavaScript is not a product that you can purchase.  It is a specification on how to
write code that can be embedded within web pages.  

This means that there is no "built-in" Integrated Development Environement (IDE),
such as comes with VB, C ++ , Delphi, and other languages.  However, since JavaScript
pages are simple text, any text editor on the market can be used to create or edit JavaScript.

I have personally used NotePad extensively on my scripts.  It comes free
with Windows and allows you  to write JavaScript easily.

I also have used NoteTAB, which is also a text editor but which costs only $10.
It provides highlighting of JavaScript keywords and comments, making it much easier
to review your code.  It also includes a spell checker and can open many files at
one time.  I 've found these features to speed up my script creation and

Other text editors which provide special features for JavaScript editing include
Macromedia Homesite, Coffeecup HTML Editor, Hippie and UltraEdit.  Often,
as with tese products, HTML and JavaScript editing is contained within the
same product.

There are also some high - end HTML / JavaScript editors which provide many more features,
notably WYSIWYG - real time viewing of the results of your editing .  With
simple text editors you have to load your page into a browser to see the results
of your editing.  With WYSIWYG editors you need no other tool to check the
results.  Also, the high - end editors provide such features as web page templates,
mass changes to an entire web site of pages to maintain a certain look - and - feel,
automatic transfer of files to the server (synchronization), plus embeddment and
trial of CGI scripts.  Most large commercial sites use these kinds of editors.

Examples of high - end editors include Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft
FrontPage, Adobe GoLive, NetObjects Fusion and Hotmetal Pro.

Some excellent text and WYSIWYG editors, such as Arachnophilia, NoteTab Light
and 1st page 2000 are free.