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01 Overview

..Early computer languages were Command Line languages.  A user
wrote a program, compiled it, And ran the EXE from the Command
Line (DOS prompt - C: \ ).   If a visual Interface (such As a display graph Or location To Type
In information) was needed, the user had To Write the code To manipulate every
pixel On the screen that was needed To create the display.
Visual Basic greatly simplified this process by providing the capability
To create user Interface items (windows, buttons, textboxes, etc.) easily
using just a mouse.  All of the code For the user Interface Object was pre - written And
stored In "runtime" files, which handled the details of interfacing With
the Windows OS.  All a user had To Do was draw the button And
Write the code To respond To events such As a mouse click Or the
pressing of keys On the keyboard.

VB3 was the first version To achieve popularity.  VB6 has been the most popular
of all And Is still used by more programmers than the most recent edition - VB.net.

Another key feature of VB Is that it uses an Event - driven model.   When a VB program
starts it goes through some initialization And Then basically waits For an Event To occur.
Events are such things are mouse clicks Or button presses by the user.  A VB program
consists primarily of the code which responds To these events.