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GBIC >> Software Reviews >> 3D Image Editors
3D Image Editors      (July 2007)

3D Image Editors provide the abililty to create life-like 3D images as well as to create realistic animation of objects.

Review Results
This review is in work. Until the review is complete, I suggest the following application for your 3D image editing needs:

  • Blender
    Blender is a free open source software 3D animation program, with a feature set similar in scope and depth to high-end 3D software.

3D Image Editor Features
These are the minimum features that I expect from a 3D Image Editor. Each of the candidate programs will be ranked against how well they implement these features. As the review continues, the list of features may change.

  1. Multiple file format support
  2. Multiple materials, textures
  3. Collision detection
  4. Physics engine
  5. Raytracer
  6. Shading
  7. B-splines
  8. Skeleton fast mode
  9. Mesh modeling
  10. Sculpting
  11. Scipting
  12. Distributed 3D object
  13. Animation
  14. Text support (anti-aliased)
  15. Export formats

Candidate Programs
There is an enormous range of 3D image editors, from commercial powerhouses to fledgling image editors. These are the programs included in this review.

  1. 3D Base
  2. 3D Canvas
  3. 3D Schrift Generator
  4. 3DPlus 2
  5. Anim8or
  6. Blender
  7. Carrara (Ray Dream Studio)
  8. DAZ
  9. DeleD 3D Lite
  10. Gloodle
  11. Maya Personal Learning Edition
  12. MojoWorld
  13. PlantStudio
  14. POV Ray
  15. SketchUp
  16. Teddy
  17. Terragen
  18. Texture Processor
  19. Tree Magic Shape Maker
  20. Vue d'Esprit
  1. 3D Canvas Pro
  2. AC3D
  3. Axel 2
  4. CyberMotion 3D-Designer
  5. FxFoto
  6. Now3D
  7. Organica
  8. P3DO Explorer
  9. Photobie
  10. PlantStudio
  11. ShapeMagic
  12. Swift 3D
  13. Tree Magic Shapemaker
  14. Twisted Brush
  15. Ulead Cool 3D Studio
  16. UV Mapper Pro
  17. ZPaint
User Feedback & Suggestions
I welcome any suggestions on other 3D image editors that should be considered, or suggestions on how better to review the selected programs.