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GBIC >> Software Reviews >> Photo Gallery Editors
Photo Gallery Editors      (July 2007)

Photo Gallery Editors provide an automated method for putting user images onto web sites, embedded within web pages with means of navigating between pictures.

The process includes creating the web pages, sizing images for the pages, incorporating descriptions for the collection and for individual images, and transferring all necessary files to a user's web site.

Review Results
This review is in work. Until the review is complete, I suggest the following application for your photo gallery editor needs:

  • gbGalleryLite
    gbGalleryLite is a fully functional freeware program which provides an extremely easy-to-use method of creating a gallery of images, uploading the gallery to your server, and emailing the URL to your friends so they can view the image gallery online.

    gbGalleryLite is a freeware program I have written.

Photo Gallery Editor Features
These are the minimum features that I expect from a photo gallery editor. Each of the candidate programs will be ranked against how well they implement the following features. As the review continues, the list of features may change.

  1. Image Resizing
  2. HTML page generation
  3. FTP gallery to server
  4. Email URL to recipients
  5. Page templates
  6. Image descriptions
  7. Galler description
  8. Installed graphics for use in web pages

Candidate Programs
These are the programs included in this review.

  1. Portmix Gallery Maker
  2. Studio Photo Basic
  3. Mihov Gallery Creator
  4. Gallery
  5. JAlbum
  6. Web Album Generator
  7. Easy Gallery Generator (EGG)
  8. Gallery
  9. Gallery Server Pro
  10. gallery fx
  11. ImageSite Builder
  12. Web Gallery Generator
  13. Limon Photo Album
  14. MemoriesOnWeb
  15. Photo Studio
  16. PhotosReViewer
  17. snapGallery
  18. Thumba Wumba
  19. Web Photo Album
  20. Web Picture Creator
  21. Xibit
  1. 12345 Good Photo Gallery Wizard $19
  2. Album Express $25
  3. Album Creator $40
  4. Album Web Home Edition $40
  5. Arles Image Web Page Creator $49
  6. AutolGraphicsHTML $29
  7. Catalog Wizard $25
  8. CoffeeCup Flash Photo Gallery $34
  9. DigiPhoto Gallery $25
  10. Express Thumbnail Creator $35
  11. Extreme Thumbnail Generator $35
  12. FontTwister $39
  13. Fun Thumbs $20
  14. Gallery Designer $20
  15. Gallery Maker $30
  16. Gena Web Gallery Creator $40
  17. htAlbum $20
  18. Magic Gallery $35
  19. MyWebGallery
  20. Picture2Web $65
  21. PhotoLine 32 $81
  22. PhotoThumb $40
  23. Quickie Web Albums $23
  24. ReaGallery $25
  25. Shozam $50
  26. SlideStudio $19
  27. Splats HTML $27
  28. STGThumb $20
  29. Thumbuddy $25
  30. Thumbnailer $25
  31. Web Album Creator $28
  32. Web It! $25
User Feedback & Suggestions
I welcome any suggestions on other Photo Gallery programs that should be considered, or suggestions on how better to review the selected programs.