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GBIC >> Software Reviews >> Internet Radios
Internet Radios      (July 2007)

Internet Radios provide the capability to listen to streaming music played over the Internet and to record that music. It provides built-in buffering to ensure static free reception.

Review Results
This review is in work. Until the review is complete, I suggest the following application for your Internet Radio program needs:

  • Freecorder (upgrade)
    There are both free and paid versions of Freecorder. The free version is fine for limited use, but the paid version provides much better, more useful features.

    Freecorder (upgrades) is available for $20

Internet radio broadcasts are typically achieved using streaming technology using a lossy audio codec. The most popular codecs are MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, and RealAudio.

Options for creating an audio stream include SHOUTcast, Streamcast, MuSE, and Ogg Vorbis.

Many internet radio stations correspond to a terrestrial radio station, where the content mirrors that being broadcast over the airwaves.

Other internet radio networks, such Live365 and SHOUTcast, create a playlist based on your inputs as to the type of music you like.

This review is concerned with the software used to play and record streaming audio from internet radio stations. Such software can typically separate and save individual songs. One common difficulty in recording internet radio is eliminating/minimizing DJ or commerical content from the audio stream.

Internet Radio Databases & Customized Radio Stations
These websites provide access to multiple radio stations, or else provide you with your own, customized playing lists.

Internet Radio Features
These are the minimum features that I expect from an Internet Radio. Each of the candidate programs will be ranked against how well they implement these features. As the review continues, the list of features may change.

  1. Automatic song separation
  2. Save files under the name of the song
  3. Uninterrupted play
  4. Radio URL database
  5. Multiple threads
  6. Formats supported (MP3, wav, ogg, wma
  7. Scheduling
  8. Noise/hiss removal
  9. Simple interface

Candidate Programs
These are the programs included in this review.

  1. Easy Radio
  2. Freecorder
  3. OpD2d
  4. Screamer Radio
  5. StationRipper Free
  6. World TV and Radio Tuner
  7. XstreamRadio
  1. #1 Sound Recorder $15
  2. 1st Sound Recorder ??
  3. Ace-High MP3 Recorder $15
  4. Advanced MP3/WMA Recorder $30
  5. Advanced Sound Recorder $30
  6. Alive WMA MP3 Recorder $30
  7. All Recorder ??
  8. Audio Xtract $30
  9. Audio Record Wizard $25
  10. Audiolib MP3 Recorder $15
  11. AudioSpin $20
  12. AudioStreamer $40
  13. BOOMBox Internet Radio Player ??
  14. Cybercorder $25
  15. Easy Hi-Q Recorder $30
  16. FairStars Recorder $25
  17. Freecorder (upgrade) $20
  18. i-Sound WMA MP3 Recorder $30
  19. Internet Media Recorder $30
  20. Internet Radio Recorder $40
  21. iRadio Lite $15
  22. iWire! Broadcast $24
  23. LiveWire! Broadcast $24
  24. MAGIX Webradio Recorder 2 $20
  25. MP3 & Wave Recorder & Editor $20
  26. PDMarq $15
  27. RadioTracker $40
  28. RaimaRadio $29
  29. Replay A/V $50
  30. Replay Music $40
  31. Replay Radio $50
  32. Ripcast Streaming Audio Ripper
  33. Silent Bob Professional Version $15
  34. SoundTap $20
  35. StationRipper Standard $20
  36. Total Recorder Pro and Std Editions $36/$18
  37. Visual Sound Recorder $25
  38. Windows Audio Recorder $30
  39. WM Recorder $27
  40. WMA/MP3 Recorder Professional $30
User Feedback & Suggestions
I welcome any suggestions on other Internet Radio programs that should be considered, or suggestions on how better to review the selected programs.