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gbAnimator - Change History
This page provides a listing of the major changes made to gbAnimator since its initial release in November of 2005

  • Ver 5.5.279 (15 Feb 20065)
    - Objects can now be defined by the selected link or by the selected node
    - Assigned access keys to all menu options

  • Ver 5.5.275 (15 Feb 20065)
    - Revised the Vxo/Vyo handling (option to switch between direction/velocity vs the X-velocity/Y-velocity approach to initializing a node
    - Revised menu structure to simplify finding selections
    - All Create Structure menu options now select a node in the created structure to allow movement control of the object

  • Ver 5.4.265 (10 Feb 20065)
    - Added object manipulations (duplicate, move, delete, ...)
    - Added barriers (nodes can be blocked by selected links)
    - Added shooter nodes (nodes can create/shoot nodes during animation)
    - Added fireworks option (just for the fun of it)

  • Ver 5.3.224 (30 Dec 2005)
    - Phase angles can now be changed in the Phase Angle Manager

  • Ver 5.2.224 (29 Dec 2005)
    - Added phase angle manager to graphically show phase relationships of animator links
    - Added error detection to structure creation commands

  • Ver 5.1.205 (28 Dec 2005)
    - Added support for changing properties of a single object (connected node/link model)!
    - Added sprite browser/selector

  • Ver 5.0.196 (27 Dec 2005)
    - Added rotational forces to be applied to nodes (also added various supporting menu/display information)
    - Added option to specify a sprite for each node (sprites can be different for each node)
    - Added option to display sprites in design mode
    - Added option to control node colors

  • Ver 4.4.184 (24 Dec 2005)
    - Added option to replace nodes (dots) with user-defined .bmp sprite
    - Added ability to add a node to the midpoint of a link
    - Added options to set all link k's and f's to user-defined values
    - Updated "Set All Link/Node Properties" to be consistent with recently added node/link properties
    - Minor changes in menu structure

  • Ver 4.3.177 (23 Dec 2005)
    - Correction only: resolved error when Compact feature was used

  • Ver 4.3 (23 Dec 2005)
    - Added menu items to create frequently used combinations of nodes/links, such as circles and wheels

  • Ver 4.2 (22 Dec 2005)
    - Added toolbar option to sequentially select nodes/links (makes it possible to select nodes/links that are under under nodes/links

  • Ver 4.1 (22 Dec 2005)
    - Added option to have initial X/Y velocities for nodes

  • Ver 4.0 (22 Dec 2005)
    - Version 4 released to disseminate new file format that supports node/link collisions
    - Nodes/link collision features in work - no ready for prime time!
    - All project files (*.bot) moved to "zoo" folder

  • Ver 3.1 (19 Dec 2005)
    - Allows locking restlength of links so that changing length in design mode can set up pre-animation stresses in links
    - Modified information displays to include more information
    - Allows zero length links
    - Added statusbar panel to display totaltime
    - Allows grid during anmiation (with speed penalty until I get a fast gird display routine working)
    - Misc errors/improvements in physics routines

  • Ver 3.0 (19 Dec 2005)
    - Added onscreen global/node/link information
    - Added option for onscreen instructions
    - Added wind and viscosity global settings
    - Revised settings on several global/node/link dropdowns
    - Improved mathematics of mode motion
    - Added new models in the distrbiution

  • Ver 2.1 (2 Dec 2005)
    - Global settings now saved in model files
    - Added gravity property to nodes
    - Added ability to enter custom values for settings
    - Changed g values to include negative gravity
    - Nodes will now bounce off the ceiling
    - Added option to include current model as part of email to author (paste from clipboard)
    - Added option to compact a model (remove unused links and nodes)
    - Display area now saved in model and restored when file is read (display area adjusted to minimum of model size)

  • Ver 2.0 (29 Nov 2005)
    - Overhauled the user interface - moved all parameter settings to a toolbar
    - Added support for fixed masses
    - Added grid / snap-to-grid features
    - Added increase/decrease sizing options
    - Added ability to delete links
    - Added option to set default spring constant and link forces
    - Misc improvements model creation interface
    - Added on-screen display of global/link/node properties
    - Email to Author feature updated to simplify sending a model file to author
    - Added options to reset node/link features (restore default settings selectively)

  • Versions 1.1-1.6 (history removed)

  • Ver 1.0 - initial release 25 Nov 2005