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gbCodeLib - Menus
gbCodeLib provides File, Actions, Options, Import, Objects, Tree, and Help menu selections. This page provides a summary of the menu options followed by additional detail for each menu.

Save (Ctrl-S)
Synchronize Server
Select Remote File
Copy Local to Remote
Use Remote (Ctrl-R)
Print Title(s)
Print Snippet(s)
Print Form
Export Snippet to HTML
Export Language to HTML

New Node (Ctrl-N)
Delete Node
Sort Selected Node
Copy Code to Clipboard
Duplicate Snippet (Ctrl-D)
Capitalize Snippet Now
Time Stamp All Snippets
Clear HTML Counter
Select HTML Template
Open in App.Path
Display Information
Record Macro
Clear Macros
Set Bookmark (Ctrl-B)
Remove All Bookmarks
    Display Search Frame (Ctrl-F)
    Confirm Delete
    AutoSave on Exit
    Start at Last Position
    Retrieve Message
    Increment HTML Filename
    On Top
    Drop to Category
    Run on Windows Startup
    Display Custom Fields 1-6
    Display Custom Fields 1-3
Tree Search..
    Display First Search Result
    Use Last Search Term
    Snippet Pagebreak
    Brace Matching
    Display Left Margin
    Display White Space
    Expand TABs
    Line Numbering
    Line Colors
    Capitalize Keywords
    Color Syntax
    Override Language Definition
    Select Font
Background Color

Email Author (Ctrl-E)
Web Site
Discussion Forums
Support gbCodeLib
Online Help F1
Online Update

gbCodeLib Server Snippets
Local Snippets
Search Online
Import Selected Snippets

Expand Selection
Collapse Selection
Expand All (Ctrl-E)
Collapse All (Ctrl-L)
Sort Entire Tree
Display Child Count    
Custom Icons

Analyze Object File
Compact Object File
Show Object List
Remove All Objects

Update gbXML
Update gbFlashLib
Copy gbCodeLib To ...

Additonal detail on each of the menu options is provided below:

The File menu selections include:

  • Save
    Saves all changes to the source code database. The filename is 'gbcodelib.txt'.
  • Backup
    Creates a backup of the source code database. The backup filename is 'gbcodelib.txt.old'.
  • Restore
    Reads and displays the most recent backup copy of the source code database. All changes made in the current editing session will be lost.
  • Synchronize Server
    Displays a dialog for uploading/downloading snippet database from user's server
  • Select Remote File
    Displays a dialog from which a remote folder may be selected.
  • Copy Local Source File to Remote Folder
    Copies the source code file from the gbCodeLib installation folder to the selected remote folder. The local source code folder can be copied to any number of folders.
  • Use Remote Database
    Toggles between use of the remote and local database
  • Print Title(s)
    Provides multiple options for printing just the one-line titles of code snippets
  • Print Snippet(s)
    Provides multiple options for printing the full content of code snippets
  • Print Form
    Prints a bitmap of the main window
  • Export Snippet to HTML
    Creates an HTML file called gbcodelib.htm in the gbCodeLib installation folder, containing only the contents of the source code editor
  • Export Language to HTML
    Creates a group of HTML files containing all snippets within the selected language. The files are placed in the 'html_export' folder under the gbCodeLib installation folder. Additional information is provided below.
  • Exit
    Exits gbCodeLib

The Actions menu selections include:

  • New Node
    Create a new Tree element of the same type as the currently selected Tree element
  • Delete Node
    Delete the selected Tree element and all of its children
  • Sort Selected Node
    Sorts the entire source code database. gbCodeLib does this automatically on startup, so this is useful to maintain sort status during a session. gbCodeLib does not perform a sort whenever a new snippet/category/language is added.
  • Copy Code to Clipboard
    Copies source code to clipboard. Copies the selected text. If none selected, the entire code textbox is copied.
  • Duplicate Snippet
    Creates a duplicate of the currently selected snippet
  • Capitalize Entire Snippet Now
    Forces capitalization of all keywords in the code snippet, consistent with the way they are placed in the language definition file.
  • Time Stamp All Snippets
    Changes data/time of all snippets to the current date/time
  • Clear HTML Counter
    Sets the HTML counter to 1
  • Select HTML Template
    Opens dialog window from which the user can select the file to use as the HTML template (*.htm or *.html files only)
  • Open in App.Path
    Opens Windows Explorer in the application path
  • Display Information
    Displays information about the current session of gbCodeLib
  • Record Macro
    Activates the record Macro wizard. Press the pop-up Macro wizard button to stop recording
  • Clear Macros
    Removes all recorded Macros
  • Set Bookmark
    Sets the bookmark of the currently selected snippet
  • Remove All Bookmarks
    Removes the bookmarks from all snippets

The Options menu selections include:

  • General

    • Display Search Frame
      Toggles display of the Search frame
    • Confirm Delete
      Requires user to enter Yes/No before deleting a Tree element
    • AutoSave on Exit
      Saves changes to gbCodeLib database on close, without asking user for permission
    • Start at Last Position
      Directs gbCodeLib to display, at startup, the tree element that was being viewed at the end of the last session
    • Retrieve Message
      Retrieves a daily message from the gbCodeLib server (on startup only)
    • Increment HTML Filename
      Add a numeric ending to the filename of exported snippets (HTML format), incrementing the number by one for each export.
    • On Top
      Forces the gbCodeLib to stay on top of all other open applications
    • Drop to Category
      The default action on Drag & Drop is to add the contents of the dropped file to the currently selected snippet. This menu option direct gbCodeLib to create a new snippet using the contents of the dropped file. The snippet is created within the Category of the currently selected snippet.
    • Run on Windows Startup
      Adds a shortcut link to the Windows startup folder so that gbCodeLib starts up whenever Windows is rebooted. gbCodeLib starts up minimized.

  • Tree Search

    • Display First Search Result
      Following a search, displays the first search result in the Tree
    • Use Last Search Term
      Determines whether the Find and Replace window opens with the last Search term entered from the Search frame or with the last term entered in the Find and Replace window itself.

  • Printing

    • Wordwrap
      Toggles wordwrap (for printing only)
    • Snippet Pagebreak
      When printing snippets, add page break between snippets

  • Editor

    • AutoIndent
      Automatically indents new lines according to the rules of the language XML file
    • Brace Matching
      Visually highlighting beginning and ending tags which mark block of code.
    • Display Left Margin
      Display an empty margin to the left of the code
    • Display White Space
      Marks white space (spaces) with a symbol (dot)
    • Expand TABs
      Expands TABs into four spaces as the TABs are entered
    • Line Numbering
      Adds a line number on the left side of the code for each line of code
    • Line Colors
      For ease in reading the code, gives a shaded background to every other line of code
    • Capitalize Keywords
      Even though the title says capitalize, what really happens is that keywords are displayed in the same case as the keywords are listed in the language definition files. Some languages use capitalization of the first letter of a keyword, others do not.
    • Color Syntax
      Turns on keyword coloring

  • Fonts

    • Override Language Definition
      Overrides the fontstyle information found in the language file of the currently selected snippet, using instead the settings from Action > Select Font (see next menu option).
    • Select Font
      Displays a dialog window from which the user can select a font/size/bold/italic for the code listbox. The font and font-size are applied immediately. The settings for bold and italic only apply if the menu Options > Font > Override Language Definition is checked.

  • Repository

    • Enabled
      Turns on snippet version tracking

  • Background Color
    Display a dialog window from which the user can select a background color for all controls except the Tree.

The Import menu selections include:

  • Server Snippets
    Downloads current snippets from server for selection/import into the local database
  • Local Snippets
    Allows use to select and search local language source code files for snippets for selection/import into the local database
  • Import Selected Snippets
    Adds selected snippets to the current database. All imported snippets are placed in a category called 'Imports'.

The Objects menu selections include:

  • Analyze Object File
    Display popup summary of content of the object file
  • Compact Object File
    Eliminate unused space caused by deleted objects
  • Show Object List
    Display popup listing of all objects in the object file
  • Remove All Objects
    Delete all objects from the object file

The Tree menu selections include:

  • Expand Selection
    Expands the currently selected Category or Language, as well as any children that exist
  • Collapse Selection
    Collapses the currently selected Category or Language, as well as any children that exist
  • Expand All
    Displays all levels of all Tree elements Note that this is different from the toolbar Expand option, which expands only the selected tree element.
  • Collapse All
    Hides all but the top level Tree elements Note that this is different from the toolbar Collapse option, which collapses only the selected tree element.
  • Sort Entire Tree
    Reloads the entire snippet database and sorts the snippets within each language
  • Display Child Count
    Adds the number of children to the titles of the Tree elements (number of categories for languages, number of code snippets for categories). This is a display artifact only. The Child Count information is removed if editing changes are saved.
  • Custom Icons
    Optional use of the external, custom language icons that are distributed with gbCodeLib. This also allow users to use their own custom icons.

The Utilities menu selections include:

  • gbXML
    Without leaving gbCodeLib, opens gbXML.
  • gbFlashLib
    Without leaving gbCodelib, opens gbFlashlib.
  • Update gbXML
    Without prompting the user, this menu option will download the most recent version of gbXML. Note: The .EXE file size is approximately 550KB.
  • Update gbFlashLib
    Without prompting the user, this menu option will download the most recent version of gbXML. Note: The .EXE file size is approximately 350KB.
  • Copy gbCodeLib To ...
    Opens a dialog window to select the folder to which gbFlashLib.exe and gbCodeLib.txt will be copied.

The Help menu offers the following selections.

  • Email Author
    Calls up the user's default email software with a message addressed to the author of gbCodeLib
  • gbCodeLib Web Site
    Opens the default browser at the gbCodeLib home page
  • gbCodeLib Discussion Forums
    Opens the default browser at the Online gbCodeLib discussion forum
  • gXML Web Site
    Opens the default browser at the gbXML home page
  • gbFlashLib Web Site
    Opens the default browser at the gbFlashLib home page
  • Support gbCodeLib
    Opens the default browser at the gbCodeLib donation page
  • Online Help
    Opens the default browser at the gbCodeLib Online Help page
  • Online Updates
    Opens a dialog window from which the latest version of gbCodeLib can be downloaded.
  • Registration
    Allows registered users to enter their registration key. The About window indicates registration status.
  • About
    Opens a dialog window which identies the application and its revision level