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GBIC >> gbWare >> gbCodeLib >> Toolbar
gbCodeLib - Toolbar
The toolbar provides an easy one-click access to several of the most-used gbCodeLib features.

  • Remote
    When pressed, opens the gbCodeLib source file at the currently selected remote folder. When unpressed it uses the source code file from the gbCodeLib installation folder.
  • Save
    Saves all changes to the source code database
  • Print
    Prints the currently selected snippet
  • Font
    Toggles through 8 font combinations: (Courier New vs MS Sans Serif) and font sizes of (8, 10, 12, 16). Each time the toolbar button is pressed the font name/size is changed to a new combination. This will eventually be changed to allow the user to select any font and font size.
  • Display Search Frame
    Toggles display of the search frame
  • New
    Create a new Tree element of the same type as the currently selected Tree element
  • Delete
    Delete the selected Tree element and all of its children
  • Sort
    Sorts the entire source code database. gbCodeLib does this automatically on startup, so this is useful to maintain sort status during a session. gbCodeLib does not perform a sort whenever a new snippet/category/language is added.
  • Copy
    Copies selected source code to clipboard. If none is selected, the entire code textbox is copied.
  • Expand
    Expands the selected Tree element to display all of its children at all levels. Note that this is different from the menu Expand All option, which expands all elements in the tree, selected or not.
  • Collapse
    Collapses the selected Tree element. Note that this is different from the menu Collapse All option, which collapses all elements in the tree, selected or not.
  • Online Search
    Search the gbCodeLib, or any user-specified server for gbCodeLib snippets. The gbCodeLib database must be on the server, as must free Perl search routine that is distributed with gbCodeLib.
  • Download Snippets
    Downloads all of the currently available snippets from the gbCodeLib server, then identifies those which are not found on the local PC. The user may select any or all of the snippets for import into the local snippet database.
  • Import Source Code
    Reads local language source files or other gbCodeLib source files for import into gbCodeLib.
  • Add Selected Snippets
    Adds the selected snippets from Download Snippets or Import Source Code to the current gbCodeLib database. All imported snippets are placed in a category called 'Imports'.
  • Add Object
    Adds a selected object to the object file
  • Delete Object
    Removes the currently selected snippet's object from the object file
  • Save Object to File
    Saves a copy of the currently selected snippet's object to a specified folder. The object is not removed from the object file.
  • Object Viewer
    Opens a built-in viewer for text, RTF, and image objects.
  • Add Bookmark
    Adds a bookmark to the currently selected snippet
  • Remove Bookmark
    Removes the bookmark from the currently selected snippet
  • Email
    Send email message to author of gbCodeLib