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gbFind - Online Help

This page provides the latest online Help information for gbFind. gbFind is a freeware program which provides an extremely easy-to-use method of storing and searching single and multi-line text data.

Overview     Toolbar     Menu Selections     Information/Address TABs    

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gbFind's main window (below) consists of 3 listboxes, 1 for each of the 3 files. By default, the complete content of each file is shown in the corrpesonding textbox. The user may select which of the listboxes are to be displayed.

If a search is made the listboxes will be filled with only the lines of text in which match the search. To make a search, type one or more text strings in the search text box and press Enter. If multiple strings are entered, only lines of text which contain all of the entries are included in the search result. The ten most recent search strings are available in the drop-down list.

gbFind's menu and toolbar options are discussed below.
Print Form
Print Selection
Print List
Copy Selection to Clipboard
Copy List to Clipboard
Ignore Case
Search While Typing
Display File Names
Web Site
Email Author
Web Site
Online Update
gbFind can search up to 3 files at a time. The file must be text files and can be kept anywhere that the user can access (local PC or shared network drives).

Three default files are provided with gbFind, each containing information users may find useful:

  • phone_numbers.text: usefull company and government 800 phone numbers
  • taglines.txt: humorous taglines
  • area_code.txt: US area codes

gbFind can recognize data that is spread out over multiple lines, provided the data is entered in the following format:

     First line of data
     -----additional line of data
     -----additional line of data
     -----additional line of data

The additional lines of data must start with "-----" beginning in column 1. Note: When editing within gbFind edit textbox it is not necessary to enter the "-----". gbFind will handle the addition of the multi-line marker when it save the file.

Single line and multi-line data can be mixed within the same file.

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Toolbar Options

The following functions are available on the toolbar:
  • Search
    Searches all 3 files for the Find String.
  • Display All
    Displays all information from all 3 files
  • Print List
    Prints all information from the selected list box
  • Display Edit Textbox
    determines if the edit text box is available for editing a selected entry
  • Display Full Content (Read-Only)
    Displays multi-line data in each listbox and disables the text edit box
  • Select Font
    Opens dialog window for selecting font to use to display data
  • Copy Selction
    Copys the selected line of data (or multi-line) to the clipboard

These additional toolbar options are available and apply only to the currently selected list:

  • New
    Add a new item to the data base and set focus to the udpate text box
  • Delete
    Deletes the currently selected item
  • Sort
    Sorts the list(s)
  • Select
    Select the filename
  • Open
    Opens the selected file using Notepad
  • Save
    Save changes
  • Reload
    Updates the currently selected item to the content of the update text box

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Menu Options

gbFind provides File, Edit, Option, and Help menu selections.

The Actions menu offers the following selections.

  • Print Form
    Prints an image of the form
  • Print Selection
    Prints the selected text
  • Print List
    Prints the content of the selected listbox
  • Copy Selection to Clipboard
    Copies the selected text to the clipboard
  • Copy List to Clipboard
    Copies content of the selected listbox to the clipboard
  • Compact
    Removes all blank lines. Also removes leading/trailing spaces from all lines.
  • Backup
    Creates a backup copy of all 3 files. The backup are given the extension ".old".
  • Restore
    The backup copy of all 3 files is used to copy over the current version of the files

The Options menu offers the following selections.

  • Ignore Case
    Causes text case to be ignored during a search
  • AutoSave
    Automatic save of the files if any changes were made during the session
  • Search While Typing
    Searches after each kestroke, instead of waiting for the user to press "Enter"
  • Display File Names
    Displays the 3 files names as the first line of each listbox

The Help menu offers the following selections.

  • Email Author
    Opens default web client with email addressed to gbFind author
  • Web Sites
    Opens the default browser at the gbFind Online Help page.
  • Online Update
    Opens a dialog window from which the latest version of gbFind can be downloaded.
  • About
    Shows the revision level of the installed version of gbFind

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Special Options

It is also possible to set the file names by adding them to the command line used to laungh gbFind. To set all three files, use the following syntax:

gbfind7.exe filename1.txt filename2.txt filename3.txt

Some rules apply:

  • Exactly 3 file names must be used
  • Exactly 1 space between file names
  • No embedded spaces in the file names

File names provided via the command line "stick". That is, the gbFind registry defult filename entries are changed permanently based on the command line content.