gbGalleryLite is a fully functional freeware program which provides an extremely easy-to-use method of creating a gallery of images, uploading the gallery to your server, and emailing the URL to your friends so they can view the image gallery!

Features supported include:
  • Very simple user interface for creating the gallery
  • Easy page-to-page navigation within the gallery
  • Select an entire folder of images
  • JPG image support (with quality setting)
  • Reads BMP/GIF images (exported as JPG)
  • Built-in FTP capability
  • Automatic HTML file generation
  • Thumbnail size control
  • Image size control
  • Online Updates
Download gbGalleryLite   (ver 4.2, 1.8MB)     OnLine Help    

Application Screen:

Online Gallery Samples:

Also available is gbGallery, a more powerful version. Its features include individual selection of images for inclusion in the gallery, multiple output formats, image rotation and other special effects, batch file renaming, titles/descriptions for each image, graphics (for navigation buttons, horizontal rules, and page backgrounds) and much more.