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gbPlot - OnLine Help

This page provides the latest online Help information for gbPlot. gbPlot provides a complete set of 3D equation plotting features.
Features Sample Plots Main Window VRML Source Window
Shortcut Keys Toolbar Menus

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3D Equation Plotting

  • Equations of the form z=f(x,y)
  • Colorful VRML display (18 color gradients)
  • Parameter editing (XY range, scale, bounding limits)
  • Edit, sort, add, delete, and re-order equation list

VRML Display Feature

  • On-screen positioning controls
  • Mouse control of image position
  • Rotation
  • Zoom
  • Examine, Walk, and Fly viewing options
  • Home positioning

General Display Features

  • Side by side equation and image display panes
  • Toolbar with most frequently used features
  • Resizable image window
  • VRML background color selection
  • Use of registry to store viewing options

Export Options

  • Send image to clipboard
  • Save image as BMP file
  • Save image as WRL (VRML) file
  • Export equation list as text
  • Submit equations to gbPlot web site for posting

Help Options

  • Online Help web page
  • Detailed function definitions
  • Online update to latest version

Special Features

  • Wallpaper
    If you've just completed adjusting a display to exactly the way you want it you can save it for display in another session. But why wait? Use the Edit/Set Wallpaper menu option to change the desktop wallpaper to a centered image of what you see in gbPlot Enhanced.

  • Slideshow Mode
    Chose the Options/Slideshow menu option and watch gbPlot Enhanced cycle endlessly through the complete list of equations. An approximate 2 second delay is used between each image.

  • Angled Startup
    With gbPlot Enhanced you can have the image automatically rotated so that you can see the 3D nature of the image. This feature saves you a lot of time when you want to scroll through the equations, looking for a particular image - by eliminating the need to use the mouse to manually rotate each image.

  • AutoSave Images
    When you pick the File/Save Image to File menu option, the freeware version of gbPlot saves the image to a file that is always named "gbPlot.bmp". With gbPlot Enhanced you can have the image file automatically named to "gbPlt001.bmp", with subsequent saves incrementing the filename as "gbPlt002.bmp", "gbPlt003.bmp", ...

    When the filename reaches "gbPlt999.bmp", it will recycle to "gbPlt001.bmp".

    You can use this to capture many images in a sequence - such as when you're automatically rotating the gbPlot Enhanced image and want to capture several images to support building an Automated GIF of the rotation.

  • Batch Load of User-Defined Equations
    Do you have your own list of equations to add to gbPlot Enhanced? gbPlot Enhanced will add a list of equations from a simple text file (which must be named "batch.txt", and which is located in the gbPlot folder). Use the Equations/Batch Load Equations menu option to add the contents of the text file to the existing equation list. This can be much faster than loading the equations one at at time within gbPlot Enhanced.

    Don't forget to save the list when you exist (gbPlot Enhanced will automatically remind you to save any changes made to the equation list)!

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Sample Equation Plots

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Main Window

gbPlot allows the user to create a 3D plot using equations of the form z=f(x,y). A default list of equations is supplied with gbPlot and the user may edit that list, including the plot boundary parameters. The built-in spreadsheet may also be used to input the z values to be plotted, or those values may be imported from an Excel spreadsheet.

VRML is used as the display file format. Every time a new image is displayed, gbPlot creates a temporary file, 'gbPlot.wrl', which contains the VRML code for that image. To save a particular display, simply rename the gbPlot.wrl file to a name of your choice. Display of subsequent images will recreate the gbPlot.wrl file as needed.

gbPlot consists of two windows, the Main window which contains the display and a a Data window which contains the z values to be plotted (in a spreadsheet format).

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You will spend most of your time using the toolbar, which consists of the following functions:

  • Save
  • Copy Image
  • New Equation
  • Delete Equation
  • Show Equations
  • Show Data Window
  • Up
  • Down
  • Left
  • Right
  • Increase XY Window
  • Decrease XY Window
  • Increase Scale Factor
  • Decrease Scale Factor
  • Set Scale Factor to 1
  • Set Scale Factor to 0
  • Set increment value (Delta)
  • Show VRML Display Controls
  • Apply Anti-aliasing
  • Set Home Position
  • Go To Home Position

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The menu options of the Main window are:

  • File
    • Save Equations
    • Save Image to File
    • Revert
    • Print / Equations
    • Print / Data
    • Exit
  • Edit
    • Copy Image to Clipboard
    • Set Wallpaper
  • Equations
    • Get Equation From Web
    • Go To Equation Web Page
    • Submit Equation
    • New Equation
    • Delete Equation
    • Batch Load Equations
    • Set to Default Values
    • Next
    • Prior
    • Move to Top
    • Move to Bottom
    • Move Up
    • Move Down
    • Sort by Equation
    • Sort by Description
    • Randomize Equations
  • Options
    • Step Lock
    • Verify Add/Delete
    • Increment BMP Filenames
    • Slideshow
  • VRML
    • Controls
    • Anti-Aliasing
    • AutoClipping
    • Fog
    • Headlight
    • Angled Startup
    • Viewer Type (Examiner/Fly/Walk/Plane)
    • AutoHome
    • Set Home
    • Go To Home
    • Source
  • Help
    • OnLine Help
    • Function List
    • Update gbPlot
    • gbPlot Pro
    • About
Additionally, right mouse clicking on the equation list will present the following menu options which act on the equation list:
  • New
  • Delete
  • Move To Top
  • Move to Bottom
  • Move Up
  • Move Down
  • Set To Default Values

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VRML Source Window

Each time the gbPlot display changes a file "gbPlot.wrl" is written with the VRML code for the display. The VRML code is simple text and gbPlot uses the Windows program Notepad to display the content of the file. To save a copy of the .WRL file, simply use Notepad's 'File/Save As' menu function to rename the file.

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Shortcut Keys

If you'd rather use the keyboard to get around gbPlot, these shortcut keys are available:

  • F1 HELP
  • F3 Move to Next Equation in List
  • F4 Move to Prior Equation in List
  • F5 Move Equation to Top
  • F6 Move Equation to Bottom
  • F7 Move Equation Up One Position
  • F8 Move Equation Down One Position
  • F9 Retrieve equation from web site
  • Ctrl+B - Batch load of user-defined equations
  • Ctrl+C - Copy image to clipboard
  • Ctrl+D - Set equations parameters to default values
  • Ctrl+F - Show list of functions which may be used in equations
  • Ctrl+G - Go to home position
  • Ctrl+H - Set home position
  • Ctrl+I - Turn on antialiasing of the VRML image
  • Ctrl+N - Add new equation
  • Ctrl+P - Print equation list (text format)
  • Ctrl+R - Revert to saved equation list (lose changes)
  • Ctrl+S - Save changes to equation list
  • Ctrl+U - Update gbPlot
  • Ctrl+W - Set wallpaper image
  • Ctrl+X - Delete equation
  • Ctrl+Y - Toggle slideshow mode

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