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Developer Tools - Source Code Editors
In addition to your programming language, what do you need to be a successful programmer? One part of the answer is the right set of tools, including many not provided as a part of the language distribution. The old saying "It's a poor carpenter who blames his tools!" may be true, but having good tools definitely gives a good programmer a head start.

Source Code Editors
If using the IDE that comes with a language, or one of the 3rd party IDEs, a programmer might think he has little need for one of the many "programmer's editors" that are on the market today. However that doesn't take into account one of many activities the programmer will be involved in. Many times a programmer will simply want to edit pre-existing source code, normally found in a text file. Or, he may want to preview snippets of code written by someone else. In such activities a programmer will want to view the code with syntax highlighting (a common features of programmers editors).

Another common activity is the viewing of code written in other languages. For example, viewing HTML/Javascript code for a web page, or reviewing an algorithm written in C# that needs to be converted to your language.

Here are a few of the more popular programmers editors used daily by millions of programmer all over the world.

  • UltraEdit
    Perhaps the world's most popular source code editor (commercial product).

If freeware is what you're interested in, then try one of these:

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