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Developer Tools - Equation Parser
In addition to your programming language, what do you need to be a successful programmer? One part of the answer is the right set of tools, including many not provided as a part of the language distribution. The old saying "It's a poor carpenter who blames his tools!" may be true, but having good tools definitely gives a good programmer a head start.

Equation Parser
I've written a number of programs where I need a user to enter an equation, to be used for plotting or simply computing an answer. The technique for interpreting the user-entered, text equation is called parsing and is a very complex process - particularly so if you want to get the highest speed when evaluating the equation many times within a loop.

Given the wide range of free and commercial options, writing a parser yourself is a wasted effort.

Here's my recommendation for a freeware equation parser. I've tested most of the available parsers and this one is posted the fastest speeds.

  • MTParser
    Includes sample code for use with C++, C#, and VB6.

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