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gbXML - Memberlists
The CodeMax editor control provide four Code Completion features which provide popup information to the user, depending on the action the user is taking.

  • ListMembers
    Allows the user to choose a member from a popup list, which CodeMax inserts into the current edit location
  • CompleteWord
    CodeMax tries to complete a partially typed identifier name or invoke the popup memberlist a suitable match was not found
  • ParameterInfo
    Displays a tooltip window containing parameter information for the currently edited function, typically displayed when a parameter block is started (e.g. immediately after typing a left parenthesis)
  • QuickInfo
    Displays a tooltip window containing prototype/declaration information about a symbol under the mouse cursor or text caret.

The popup or tooltip information CodeMax displays in these four features is taken from an XML formatted memberlist file. gbXML can read memberlist files (*.mbr) from a user-defined folder and makes them available for use by all languages.

Each member of a memberlist has the following attributes:

  • Name - Name of the member
  • Prototype/Declaration - Appears in Parameter Info tooltips and QuickInfo tooltips
  • Icon Image ID - Zero-based index of icon image to display in the left margin
  • Help String - Description to display in a tooltip

Here's an example of a memberlist XML file:

  <memberlist name="HTML Tags">
	<member name="a" help="anchor"/>
	<member name="abbr" help="abbreviated form (e.g., WWW, HTTP, etc.)"/>
	<member name="acronym" help="acronym"/>
	<member name="address" help="information on author"/>
	<member name="applet" help="Java applet"/>
	<member name="area" help="client-side image map area"/>
	<member name="b" help="bold text style"/>
	<member name="base" help="document base URI"/>
	<member name="basefont" help="base font size"/>
	<member name="bdo" help="BiDi over-ride"/>
	<member name="big" help="large text style"/>

Using Memberlists
To automatically invoke the ListMembers command after a token is typed (e.g. a period), the token must be bound to the ListMembers command in the language definition as in this XML example:

    <token action="ListMembers">.</token>

The memberlist popup window will be automatically dismissed when another ListMembers command or ParameterInfo command is invoked, or when a CommitMember action command is encountered as in the following example:

<token action="CommitMember">;</token>

Four commonly used action values include the following, corresponding to the Code Completion features as discussed above:

  • ParameterInfo
  • QuickInfo
  • CommitMember
  • ListMembers