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GBIC >> FreeWare >> gbXML >> Tokenset Frame
gbXML - Tokenset Properties Frame
The Tokenset Properties frame displays all of the attributes of the selected tokenset. There are sixteen properties, plus the option of defining up to ten validscopes per tokenset. The Tokenset Properties fram also allows entry of tokens and their attributes, as well as default token attribute values.

Tokenset Attributes
gbXML provides simple on/off selection of most attributes. For validscopes, inheritfrom, fontstyle, tokens rules, and memberlists, gbXML provides dropdown lists of all allowable values. Popup color-selection dialogs provide an easy way to set forecolor and backcolor attributes.

  • ID - Sselects the type of tokenset from a pre-defined list of tokenset types
  • ForeColor - Sselects the foreground color used to display tokens
  • BackColor - Sselects the background color used to display tokens
  • FontStyle - Sselects normal/bold/italic/bolditalic/underline formatting
  • InheritFrom - Defines a tokenset from which color/fontstyle attributes will be used
  • AutoIndent - Determines how a new line is indented when ENTER is pressed
  • Scope - Determines if tokens in the tokenset are a simple list, or define a start/end token pair
  • Symmetrical - Determines if a scope tokenset can only close itself if all interior scopes are closed
  • Chain - Defines whether a scope tokenset can be nested
  • Match Braces - Determines if matching scope tokens are highlighted
  • Enabled - Determines if a user can see the tokenset properties from the built-in CodeMax dialog window
  • Case Sensitive - Determines if upper/lower case is considered
  • Hidden - Determines if the tokenset attributes can be edited built-in dialog window of the source code editor
  • Normalize Case - Determines if the displayed case of tokens is forced to match the tokenset token list
  • Single Line Scope - Tokensets whose scope automatically ends at the end of a line
  • MemberList - Defines the memberlist to be used for code completion feature
  • ValidScopes - Scope tokensets in which a tokenset is valid

Tokens Properties Frame
gbXML supports all three CodeMax token attributes - RegExp, Rule, and Action. The default token values for each of these may be selected from the Tokens Properties Frame. Or, the following individual default attributes may be entered as 'inline' attributes.

  • Regexp - defines whether the token is treated as a regular expression
  • Rule - selects from four pre-defined rules for recognizing tokens:
    • <empty string>
    • Word
    • LeadWith
    • TrailWith
    • LeadWith TrailWith
  • LeadWith Textbox - text to be used with the LeadWith rule
  • TrailWith Textbox - text to be used with the TrailWith rule

Entry of a default Action attribute from within the Tokens Properties Frame is not supported but may be entered on a per-token basis as described below.

Inline Token Attributes
To override the default value, the three attributes may be entered directly into the Tokens and/or Tokens2 textboxes using the following one-line format, where the attribute values are separated by 4 colons.

tokenvalue :::: actionvalue :::: regexpvalue :::: rulevalue

Use of inline token attributes are optional, but when used, attributes must be filled left-to-right, with a space left for missing values. Attributes can be dropped to the right of any entered attribute (i.e., you can enter an action value and not enter either the regexp or rule values - including not having to enter the colons that precede them).

In the absence of the colon-separated attributes in the Tokens textbox, the default values from the Tokens Properties Frame will be used (there is no default action value).

An example of inline token attributes is shown in the next image:

Four common action attribute values are:

  • ParameterInfo
  • QuickInfo
  • CommitMember
  • ListMembers